Goodbye, Dog Smell – Hello, Puppy Love!

Dogs truly are man’s best friend. Unfortunately, man’s best friend can get a little stinky sometimes (or all the time). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to lay down with my comfy blanket only to discover my furbaby has been laying on it all day and it smells like dog. While I love her, I don’t want to smell like her. That’s where ZR1 comes in. ZR1 is an odor neutralizer that is safe for pets, unlike other odor eliminators which can irritate dogs’ sinuses and make them uncomfortable. EcoSafe Labs’ product is effective at actually getting rid of the smell, not just masking it. You can clean your dog’s bedding and your blankets without worrying about whether it will pose a problem for your pup or not. To clean the material, you can spray ZR1 directly on the bedding or use ¼ cup of ZR1 in a load of laundry to eliminate the smell. It’s time to rid your home of the dreaded dog smell, once and for all, thanks to ZR1.