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EcoSafe WPX

WPX Wettable Powder

Broad Spectrum Insecticide

This botanical insecticide is a great choice for quick knock-down and long-lasting residual. Use as a surface spray or for crack and crevice treatments.

FIFRA 25(b) Exempt


Use up to 3 scoops per gallon of water. Fill tank 1/2 full with water before adding the wettable powder. Add desired amount of product and shake/mix well. Agitate frequently during use. Rinse tank and nozzle after using this product to avoid clogs. Do not leave mixed product in tank overnight. This product may leave a visible residue on dark surfaces.


• Long-lasting residual
• Indoor and outdoor use
• Made with essential oils
• Contains no pyrethrins or pyrethroids


• 2 lb pail, 4/cs