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Ultra ZR1 Odor Neutralizer

Ultra ZR1 Odor Neutralizer

Don’t Just Mask Odors. Eliminate Them.

EcoSafe® Ultra ZR1 Odor Neutralizer eliminates odor at its source immediately and with out being corrosive or harmful. It is specifically designed to remove odors caused by smoke, urine, animal spray, mildew, perfumes, dead animals, etc.

Ultra ZR1 Odor Neutralizer delivers professional results at a competitive price. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Use full strength for fogging, wiping and spraying surfaces.

May be added to laundry, mop water, and steam cleaners.


• Eliminates odors instantly
• Plant-based formula
• No harmful enzymes, chemicals, or masking agents
• Safe for furniture, fabrics, people, and pets.


• 2 fl oz travel size w/ pump sprayer, 24/cs
• 32 fl oz w/ trigger sprayer, 8/cs

ZR1 32oz Bottle