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EcoFresh® Odor Absorber

EcoFresh® Odor Absorber

Absorbs Odors Where Sprays Can’t Reach

EcoFresh® Odor Absorber is used where problem odors exist in hard to reach or enclosed areas. EcoFresh® Odor Absorber permanently traps odors and moisture.

In addition to odor control, these odor absorber pouches have been shown to reduce energy consumption in refrigerators by reducing moisture content, which in turn reduces frost build-up on coils. This reduces the energy needed to defrost them. A drier environment is also better for fresh foods..

Another way foods are kept fresh is because EcoFresh® Odor Absorbers also absorb ethylene gas, which is commonly emitted by fruits and vegetables. Ethylene hastens the breakdown of fresh foods. By removing this ethylene from the air, foods are kept fresh for a longer period of time.


EcoFresh® Odor Absorbers work well in pet areas, closets, laundry, and other small spaces.

Use in lockers, gym bags, shoes, footlockers, and other sports equipment to help keep enclosed areas free of odors and moisture

Use in commercial and residential refrigerators to help keep foods fresher longer, and to reduce energy consumption.

Use in HVAC returns to remove moisture and odors.

The 16oz Odor Absorber Pouch works great for especially troublesome odors like decaying animal in attics, crawl spaces or wall voids.


• Quickly absorbs and eliminates foul odors
• Available in 4 oz and 16 oz sizes
• Foil sealed for freshness until ready to use
• Lasts up to 3 months
• Easy to use and 100% dust-free


• 4 oz, 20/cs
• 16 oz, 10/cs