Odor Absorber

Odor Absorber - 16 oz

Absorbs odors where sprays can't reach!

Available Sizes:
4 oz16 oz

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EcoFresh Odor Absorber is used where problem odors exist in hard to reach or enclosed areas. EcoFresh Odor Absorber permanently traps odors and moisture. Use in walls, closets, lockers, gym bags, shoes and sports equipment etc. EcoFresh Odor Absorber passively keeps gun cases, tackle boxes, trucks, boats, and cars free of odors and moisture. Removes foul odors quickly, safely and continuously. EcoFresh Odor Absorber is supplied in a easy to use pouch lasting up to 3 months.

The 4oz EcoFresh Odor Absorber works well in pet areas, closets, laundry, and other small spaces. The 16oz Odor Absorber Pouch works great for especially troublesome odors like decaying animal. Also for boats, autos, trucks, and airplanes. Use in HVAC returns to remove moisture and odors.


  • 20/4 oz
  • 10/16 oz

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