Derriere Toilet Spritzer

Derriere Toilet Spritzer - 4 oz

Spritz the bowl before you go - clear the air with Derriere

Available Sizes:
2 oz4 oz8 oz

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This attractively packaged bathroom spritzer is perfect for home and travel.

Made from ultra-pure water, essential oils, and natural fragrances. Derriere is safe for daily use. Safe for the environment, safe for toilet systems.

Simply spray 2-4 times directly on the toilet bowl water, then do your business and flush!

Derriere does not hide the odor under the water; it locks the odor in the water. The odor simply won't escape! No oily film! Works even in 'waterless' toilets. Great for bus and train stations, airports, C-Stores.

Packaged in a pleasing counter top sale converter.

Excellent value for POS grab n go sales.


  • 12/2 fl oz spray bottle
  • 6/4 fl oz spray bottle
  • 6/8 fl oz spray bottle

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